We began the Open Road Leather and Accessories website in 2007 to provide customers with a source to purchase leather goods on-line. 

 We have contracts with many suppliers to market their goods to a wide audience of purchasers.

We showcase only quality products. Although leather is our focus, we also carry non-leather items, such as motorcycle helmets, stainless steel jewelry, and fabric clothing and bags. We keep our overhead low, so we can offer good prices.

The orders we get are shipped directly from the warehouses of our suppliers, usually within 24 hours of the receipt of the order. 


10-29-18:   I super appreciate the quick responses and the most excellent customer service you have offered, so I plan to keep the 3x that I have.  I will totally be recommending your website to anyone that is looking for riding wear in the future.  Thank you again.

Stephen Etherton


1-19-19:  Good morning, 

I just wanted to thank you again for being extremely helpful yesterday evening. I look forward to doing future business with you as our MC club grows. 


Greg Brown "Rotti"





Here is an article recommended by Kyle in Ms. Martin's class at Learning Haven School, who is learning about motorcycles. I thought our readers would enjoy it as well: https://www.carcovers.com/resources/types-of-motorcycles/


Several of the jackets we offer are styled in the "Pistol Pete" style, which features a side entry gun pocket. Here is an article about the very interesting character from the history of the Wild West, US Marshall Frank Eaton, who invented the style. Enjoy.  Frank Eaton, US Marshall

"Pistol Pete" Jackets: 


Grace at  Teens4Safety  sent this article that our readers should find interesting and informative. 

Thank you, Grace