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Hello I just wanted to say "thanks" to all involved with my order. Received my order today in great shape and I am very satisfied.

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Here is an article recommended by Kyle in Ms. Martin's class at Learning Haven School, who is learning about motorcycles. I thought our readers would enjoy it as well: https://www.carcovers.com/resources/types-of-motorcycles/


Several of the jackets we offer are styled in the "Pistol Pete" style, which features a side entry gun pocket. Here is an article about the very interesting character from the history of the Wild West, US Marshall Frank Eaton, who invented the style. Enjoy.  Frank Eaton, US Marshall

"Pistol Pete" Jackets: 


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Motorcycle Enthusiasts and Technology: 8 Tips for Motorcycle Safety

What better way to explore the world than cruising through winding roads with the wind against your face? Riding a motorcycle is both exhilarating and gratifying, but it doesn’t have to mean that your life has to be at risk. There are important safety tips to keep in mind that can keep you safe while you ride. Check out these 8 tips.


1. Always Wear Your Helmet

The most important thing to remember when riding a motorcycle is to always wear your helmet. A full-face helmet that’s been approved by the Department of Transportation is the safest and most effective option. Motorcycle safety technology has improved greatly in recent years, and many helmets now include features such as rear-view cameras and GPS to help make your ride smoother. Riding without a helmet poses a huge risk for brain injury or fatality.


2. Ride with People You Know and Trust

No matter how safe you are on a motorcycle, it’s impossible to control other riders. Knowing and trusting the people you share a lane with is important. Riding with people who are intoxicated or like to show off on the road can put you in the line of fire.


3. Stand Out and Be Seen

Wearing bright colors and reflectors—particularly at night—can play a huge role in safety. The more noticeable you are on your bike the better. It’s easy enough for full-size vehicles to get caught in a blind spot, so when you’re on a motorcycle you have to be even more cautious.


4. Watch Out for Semi Trucks

Semi trucks can be a little intimidating for motorcyclists. Make sure to stay in view of their mirrors, and when possible avoid them altogether. It’s a good idea to pass by them when it’s safe to do so quickly.


5. Don’t Ride in Bad Weather

Rain and other inclement weather can make riding a motorcycle both difficult and dangerous. Not only will your vision be impaired, but the roads will also be slippery, making it tricky to ride safely. If it starts to rain, pull over under a bridge or into a gas station until it’s safe to head back out.


6. Be a Defensive Rider

With a rise in phone use behind the wheel, it’s imperative that motorcyclists pay extra attention to cars on the road. Be as alert as possible, so that if another driver is distracted, you’ll be able to defensively maneuver out of harm’s way.


7. Don’t Ride Tired

This may seem obvious, but it still has to be mentioned. It’s a good idea to stop ever 75 miles or so to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. Taking small breaks every so often can help keep you energized and ready to ride.


8. Wear the Right Gear

Protective gear is crucial for a safe and comfortable ride. Leather jackets, pants and gloves that will protect you from the wind and debris are all must-have items. Additionally, if something does go wrong, you’ll have extra padding against the rough road. Not only do we have technology to thanks for helmets and gear, but the smart technology integrated into the motorcycle itself. Here are a few major milestone advancements thanks to technology:

·          Air bag clothing that deploys when sensors are triggered

·          Anti-lock braking systems

·          Adaptive headlights

·          Electric tire pressure monitors

·          Auto clutch and shift

·          Vehicle-to-vehicle communication

·          Electronic throttle control (ETC)

·          Satellite messengers

As the motorcycle industry continues to evolve, it’s safe to say that we can rely on technology to carry us through safely.  For more information on motorcycle safety, please visit: https://www.marksandharrison.com/blog/9-advancements-in-motorcycle-safety-technology-you-should-know-about/


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Are Electric Dirt Bikes Safer Than Gas Powered Ones?

The dirt bike is one of the most popular choices for people who are adventurous and want a ride that they can use to move around quickly. Designed for use on rough terrain, the dirt bike is the ideal choice for people who want to ride on unsurfaced roads and particular tracks that require a powerful motor and suspension. Commonly used in scrambling, offroading dirt bikes have become the ideal choice for people who are interested in doing stunts on their bikes and having fun.

In the past, the only option available to people was a gas powered dirt bike. Featuring a conventional combustion engine (ICE), the gas powered dirt bike is a timeless classic, and has been around for many decades. It’s been featured in countless films and movies, and has also been used for stunts. It’s one of the best choices for people who want a reliable machine that is versatile, easy to maintain, and of course, affordable to use.

However, there’s another competitor in the market, and that is the electric motorcycle. Electric cars and bikes are making all the waves now, and have become incredibly popular over the past few years. As the world moves slowly towards a more eco-friendly future, it’s easy to see that electric motorcycles are going to be all the rage. However, whether you opt for a gas powered bike or an electric dirt bike, one of the first things that you will want to consider is safety.

The rider’s safety is of paramount importance, and you have to make sure that you choose the right variant. To understand more about the safety of both the electric powered dirt bike and the gas powered one, it’s important that we take a look at the inner functions and the safety features in each.

Gas Powered Dirt Bikes

The gas powered dirt bike contains a standard combustion engine that requires petrol to run efficiently. Once you put gasoline in the bike, the engine will burn the fuel in order to generate heat, which in turn propels the vehicle forward. The gas powered engine is one of the safest, and has been refined over the years to become more efficient and more suitable for everyday usage. Gas powered dirt bikes do make quite a bit of noise, however, especially if you haven’t installed a silencer in the bike. It’s recommended that you choose the right exhaust system in order to get the best performance out of your bike.

Now, one of the biggest safety problems with gas powered bikes is the fact that once the engine heats up, so will the exhaust. It’s completely exposed, so if you end up hitting your shin or your calf on the side of the exhaust, you will probably end up burning some skin off within an instant. It’s really not a wise idea to wear shorts and ride a dirt bike; you should always take proper protective measures and wear a thin layer to prevent such accidents.

Then, you also have to consider the fact that the dirt bike’s engine requires water to keep itself cool. While there are air cooled engines that you can choose from, most people prefer power, and powerful engines are usually liquid-cooled. In case you forget to put antifreeze in the engine, it’s probably going to heat up very quickly, and there’s a risk that certain components might get insanely hot. While gas powered dirt bikes are a great choice, you need to understand that problems might arise in case of a leakage in the fuel tank.

Gasoline is incredibly combustible and can light up on fire very quickly. While most gas tanks are reinforced and the chances of this happening are incredibly unlikely, it’s still a point of concern that should be taken seriously. An important thing that you need to know about these gas powered bikes is that they tend to vibrate a lot. Despite the fact that a stabilizer or counterbalance might be installed, they are prone to vibration. That’s because there are so many moving parts within the bike and the engine produces a considerable amount of vibration, which makes the entire frame vibrate as well. On fast roads or uneven tracks, even the slightest vibration can lead to fatigue and cause you to make mistakes when you are tired. Most bikes now come with dampers that are designed to limit vibration, but you will still feel quite a bit of it.
If you don’t know where to start, but like to choose a gas powered bike as a beginner, then i would suggest reading this article about the best trail dirt bikes for beginners.

Electric Powered Dirt Bikes

Electric bikes consist of a motor, a battery, and a couple of wheels. You don’t need to worry about spark plugs, the requirement for a coolant in the engine, oil changes, air filter or any other things. Just charge the battery and you are good to go. Because of the fact that it contains an electric motor, these bikes are not susceptible to vibration at all. Moreover, the chances of injury due to less fatigue and no heat. It's just a standard motor that’s designed to propel the dirt bike forwards.

On top of that, electric bikes do not require any time to “warm up.” When you start the bike, it will be ready to go at full speeds without any problem whatsoever. You don’t need to worry about the engine heating up before you start accelerating to full speeds. Also, you don’t even need to worry about fast accelerating speed. For example, the ktm electric dirt bike has 3 settings of power modes that you can adjust for any situation or user. Which makes it more convenient and easier to ride over the gas powered counterparts.

All in all, electric dirt bikes are a much safer option as compared to gas powered ones, because they offer a plethora of advantages over their gas powered counterparts. More importantly, they are much easier to maintain as well, because there aren’t as many moving parts in these bikes as well. Whether you are an adult or a child who needs to get a dirt bike, electric bikes are the best option because they provide convenience and flexibility, and more importantly, safety, for roughly the same amount that you would pay otherwise. These are just some of the things that you should know about gas powered dirt bikes and electric powered dirt bikes.