Variety of styles to choose from

DOT Helmets and Accessories


Approved helmets for Rider Protection are an essential part of Protective Gear.


Some states require riders to wear helmets that meet the federal standard. But, even if your state doesn’t, you’d be wise to consider wearing one. The Department of Transportation says that motorcycle helmets help prevent fatalities … but only if you’re wearing an approved helmet. And, while some riders might fear wearing them,  thinking they will impair their hearing or vision, government studies have shown this is not true. Why worry about approval? Well, for starters, it means the helmet meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218. Sounds complicated, but this simply establishes the minimum level of performance required for the helmet to adequately protect your head and brain if you crash. Before they ever make it to stores, DOT-approved helmets undergo rigorous testing for:


·         Impact — the total capacity for absorbing shock (so that you don’t)

·         Penetration  the ability to withstand a blow from something sharp

·         Retention the chin strap’s durability and ability to stay securely fastened

·         Peripheral vision  a minimum visibility of 105 degrees on each side of the helmet


So you can be sure that your helmet has been proven to withstand a wide range of physical trauma (collision, speed… you name it) before you ever wear it on the road.

There are a variety of styles, such as skullcap, 3/4 shell, full-face, modular and specialty designs (with or without graphics) German-style, polo style, Carbon fiber, and some with inner retractable sun shields. We also have a variety of accessories, such as visors, goggles, ear warmers, and an intercom system. All of the protective gear is DOT FMVSS 218 approved, meeting or exceeding their standards for safety and reliability.  


Children's Sizes are all DOT approved, meeting or exceeding the standards for safety.