Textile Sissy Bar Bag/Travel Bag VS324

Vance Leather
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FULLY LINED TOP QUALITY (Water Resistant) 2 Piece Heavy Duty Textile Sissy Bar Travel Bag. Both bags together measures approximately 30" H X 16" W, and expands to 12" thick. Four pockets on sides.

The Big bag has 4 outside pockets you can put all kinds of small stuff into. All of them zip up, the bag too. This nice travel bag comes with extra heavy duty nylon straps to wrap around your sissy bar. All straps have quick release clips. If you don't have a luggage rack it can rest on your fender. It has a pouch with three straps that slide over your sissy bar, all hook and loop adjustable. It has reinforced stitching, and is water-repellant so that your things will not get wet while traveling in all weather conditions.



  • Water resistant textile construction
  • Both bags together measures approximately 30" H X 16" W
  • Expands to 12" thick
  • Four pockets on sides
  • All bags zip up
  •  Extra heavy duty nylon straps
  • All straps have quick release clips
  • Pouch with three straps that slides over your sissy bar
  • Velcro closes
  • Reinforced stitching
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