Leather Apparel Cleaner and Conditioner AL3350

Allstate Leather
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The original Doc Bailey’s Leather Black actually contains a dye pigment that restores lost color. It also cleans, nourishes and waterproofs. Doc Bailey's Leather Black gently cleans leather with specially formulated detergents which actually lift dirt out, opening the pores of the leather, allowing the lanolin oil to flow into the leather, nourishing and softening it. Doc Bailey's Black actually penetrates deep into the leather to restore lost color. As a finishing touch, a special wax locks the color in, which protects and waterproofs your leather.

Black leather may signify timeless cool, but too much sun or exposure to the elements can leave your leather jacket, boots, gloves, seats, and any other leather or vinyl goods looking shabby and dry. With Doc Bailey’s innovative Leather Black formula, not only will your leather look and feel better, it will actually be better protected than it was before! Our gentle yet effective detergents lift dirt out of leather and allow the dye and lanolin to move deeper into it for better color and protection.

Manufacturer: Allstate Leather Inc.
  • Excellent for all types of  black smooth leather
  • Kit includes 4.4 oz bottle of Black leather cleaner, applicator sponge, and buffing cloth
  • Waterproof, clean, re-dye, and preserve your black leather with one kit
  • Lock in moisture and rich, black dye with our unique formula
  • Doc Bailey’s contain no silicone and never feels sticky
  • The best leather/vinyl repair product on the market!
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