Lambskin Leather Corset with Buckles SK1000-07

USA Biker Dream Apparel
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This lined lambskin leather corset has a front zip close and buckles. Sizes X Small to 3X Large.

Lambskin leather is a very soft, luxurious leather. Its natural lightweight layers give it a distinctive, velvety touch, which suits form-fitting jackets, pants, and skirts as well as coats and lingerie. Don't let its delicate texture discourage you. With a little extra care, lambskin is very wearable and the ultimate luxury. This sexy black corset is perfect for anyone who wants to spice things up. Made from black lambskin leather with brushed metal buckles to adjust the shoulder straps, a zippered front closure, and five brushed metal buckles with leather straps that lay across the zipper. Matching black laces tie up the back, wrapping you in a soft textile lining that includes a soft flap that covers laces. Two polished metal d-rings hang from the waist, allowing you to drape a delightful chain or other accessory from them. Sizes X Small to 3X Large.

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Each size can extend a maximum of 4 inches by way of the long laces on the back. You can also adjust how much skin you would like to reveal.

Example: If you measure 31 then you can fit either a Small or Medium, but make sure to measure your chest correctly. Please order according to our size chart.

*All measurements in inches. Please use this chart as a guide only.


Lambskin Leather


USA Bikers Dream Apparel

  • Black lambskin leather
  • Zippered front closure
  • 5 brushed metal buckles w/ leather straps across zippers
  • Soft textile lining with flap that covers laces
  • Brushed metal buckles on shoulder straps
  • Stylish pleated design all around
  • 2 polished metal d-rings on waist
  • Lace ties on back
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