Leather Apparel Cleaner and Conditioner - All Colors AL3351

Allstate Leather
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Incredible break through technology. New spray and wipe formula, 20 years in the making. Doc Bailey's leather clear will clean, condition, stain-proof and waterproof all colors of smooth leather. Dries in seconds with no sticky residue. All you feel is soft and clean leather. No silicone, no petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals. The product waterproofs with natural waxes, conditions with lanolin. Excellent for leather jackets, shoes, skirts, bags and furniture. Kit includes 4.4oz bottle of Clear leather, applicator sponge, and buffing cloth.

The original Doc Bailey's Leather Black actually contains a dye pigment that restores lost color. It also cleans, nourishes and waterproofs. Doc Bailey's Leather Black gently cleans leather with specially formulated detergents which actually lift dirt out, opening the pores of the leather allowing the lanolin oil to flow into the leather, nourishing and softening it. As a finishing touch, a special wax locks the color in, which protects and waterproofs your leather. Kit includes 4.4 oz bottle of Clear leather, applicator sponge, and buffing cloth.
Manufacturer: Allstate Leather, Inc.
  • Doc Bailey's Leather Clear
  • Excellent for all types and colors of smooth leather
  • Kit includes 4.4 oz bottle of Clear leather cleaner, applicator sponge, and buffing cloth
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